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Guide to GST on Services (HSN Code wise taxability of all services)

Published: 01-08-2021
Format: Paperback
Edition: 3rd
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional India
Dimensions: 244 x 172 mm

About Guide to GST on Services (HSN Code wise taxability of all services)

About the book
The overarching purpose of the book is to provide a 360 degree overview of the GST provisions on services for an easy understanding and quick reference of professionals.

The book has been divided into three parts.

Part A: Concepts of GST (Services) – Chapters A-1 to A-17 cover general provisions relating to services, such as, meaning & scope of supply, time, value & place of supply, levy & reverse charge, input tax, composition, export & refund, etc.

Part B: HSN Code wise Guide on Services – Chapters B-1 to B-28 comprises of critical analysis of HSN Code wise services through illustrations and tables.

B-1 & B-2 Works contract & complex construction service (9954)
B-3 Services in wholesale and retail trade (9961, 9962)

B-4 Accommodation, foods and beverage service (9963)
B-5 Passengers transport, tour operators and travel agents service (9964, 9985)

B-6 Goods transport service (GTA) (9965)
B-7 Transport support service (9967)

B-8 Postal & courier service (9968)
B-9 Banking and financial service (9971)

B-10 Insurance service (9971)
B-11 Real estate service (9972)

B-12 Lease & rental service (9966, 9973)
B-13 Legal services by advocates and the arbitral tribunal (9982)

B-14 Professional, accounting, auditing and consultancy service (9982, 9983)
B-15 Advertising service (9983)

B-16 Telecommunication, broadcasting and information supply service (9984)
B-17 Support services (9985, 9986)

B-18 Maintenance, repair and installation service (9987)
B-19 Job work, printing and manufacturing service (9988, 9989)

B-20 Public admin. & social security (9991)
B-21 Education service (9992)

B-22 Medical, health care and social care service (9983, 9993)
B-23 Services by charitable trusts, associations, etc (9993, 9995, 9999)

B-24 Recreational, cultural, domestic, sporting & other services (9996 to 9998)
B-25 Other services (9969, 9981, 9994, 9999)

B-26 Exempt services by and to the Government, Local Authorities, etc
B-27 Services relating to Agriculture
B-28 Services be Employees to Employer

Part C: Legislation – Chapters C-1 to C-2 covers the legislative provisions in IGST Act & Rules

Part D: Rates – Chapters D-1 to D-3 covers the uptodate Notifications relating to Services - Rates and Exemption

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